Obsidian Peryton is the boss of Stage 4-A (2035 Portugal).
Obsidian Peryton wounded


XFEX 2003 Bosses Techno-Ayako (1) ● Silver Banshee (2) ● Jade Hydra (3-B) ● Orion Destabilizer (4-B) ● Citadel Geryon (5-B) ● Bronze Harpy (6-A) ● Gettok (7-A) ● Warp Centruroid (8-1) ● Dreadnought Echidna (8-2)
XFR Bosses Jasper Gigas (3-A) ● Obsidian Peryton (4-A) ● Steel Aughisky (5-A) ● Dullahan (6-B) ● Copper Caoineag (5-C, 9 midboss) ● Balor (9)
Minibosses Staubteufel (3-A) ● Teramanta (3-B) ● Stymphalian Birds (4-A) ● Pudding Pod (EX-3)
EX Bosses Green Walrus (EX-1) ● Ziyudee(EX-3) ● Black Heart (EX-6) ● Black Heart mk. 2 (??)

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